• What Is The Difference Between Ripple And Bitcoin

    While cryptocurrency trading is growing in popularity, a great deal of confusion remains around the world of blockchain. Bitcoin is a name well-known in this arena, but there are many other cryptocurrencies emerging as the year's progress. One name is Ripple - but what is the difference between Ripple and Bitcoin? Surely, if it's all cryptocurrency they should be the same thing? This article will provide some information on what Ripple is and how it differs from the traditional Bitcoin... Read more

  • What is the difference between bitcoin and bitcoin cash?

    Recently, in the financial world, the single term "bitcoin" has become very popular. So what's the difference? There are many differences and one feature is the fact that they are irrevocable. Completed and confirmed operations can't so the only way to return the money is to agree with the receiver that it will be reimbursed. Many are concerned with the volatility and the potential of the technology... Read more

  • Will the Real Bitcoin Code Dragons Den Please Stand Up

    In a world where information travels at the speed of light and everyone is fighting for their piece of market share, it’s not uncommon for successful and reputable products to be copied. It’s also become an everyday occurrence for competitors of a product to not only rip-off the original product, but to actively employ dubious tactics to promote their knock-offs. Many con-artists also try to damage the reputation of the original company in order to gain a biggershare of the market... Read more